What People are Saying


I knew something was not right.  I had irregular and very heavy bleeding for a couple of years.  As I confirmed my plan for a round pen at Buffalo Woman Ranch, I also knew on some deep level that clarity, as frightening as it may be, would come as a result of working with the horses.  I had no idea how profound my experience would be.  After about an hour with the herd, including at least 30 minutes with Bella tugging and pulling at the button of my pants – trying to have more access to my abdomen, all the while stomping intently with one of her front hooves, there was absolutely no doubt that I needed to get checked out.  With a diagnosis a few of months later of early stage uterine cancer, I am eternally grateful for both the wisdom and depth of this herd and the healing way of these horse.  Take a giant step, your healing is awaiting!

Tami Graham, M.A. KSUT Executive Director

“The work with the horses was, as always, powerful. They are amazing. The feel and atmosphere of Buffalo Woman Ranch was really comfortable and inviting…All four of you did a wonderful job of keeping the space safe, and your patience in letting the process unfold was impressive.”

Ann Alden, Secretary of EFMHA

“My days with you and your herd live deeply in my heart. I continue to heal and soar in your light.”

Mary Melkonian

“My time at the ranch was the launching point, an awakening, and a truly divinely guided experience. I carry the memories with me everyday and I feel so blessed to have had time with you. You were an integral part in making me strong to do the work I am embarking to do and I am forever grateful to the healing that took place there and the safety that you provided me.”

Hillary Schneider

“They offer their world, these horses, filling us with the opportunity to confront, accept, and expand our personal truths. I stepped onto the land of Buffalo Woman Ranch as an insecure girl, a young woman who had lost sight of the wisdom of her deep wild nature; I left with a grounded confidence, new tools for negotiating my place in this world, and a sense that my life had changed forever.

Befuddled is the word that comes to mind when I re-live my initial emotions during my first round pen experience. As the horses approached me and began their gentle, steady work, it was difficult to comprehend the power of the shifting energy all around me. Chaotic emotions ruled my senses until Robbie and Cody helped me to identify the true messages beneath the frivolity, the messages the horses helped unearth. Through heartfelt warmth, kindness, respect, and love, Robbie and Cody guided my internal growth for a month.

Just before the day came that I had to leave, I accidentally held a spontaneous round pen for myself. I simply went out to say good morning to the horses, but quickly realized I had more work to do. Many times, when the horses work on someone, they turn their hind ends to the person in order to send him/her energy. This may be disconcerting at first because people usually think the horse will kick, which is not the horse’s intention. In fact, horses send large amounts of energy along their spines, which happen to be horizontal because they are 4-legged creatures, and turning their hind ends to you is the most direct way to transfer such energy.

It was Beau, a shy, loving, buckskin gelding who took the fear from my heart. Beau had been watching me as I worked with 2 other horses, and as soon as I felt the iron fingers of defense around my heart shatter, he walked directly to me, nuzzled my right hand, and turned his hind end to me. He continuously streamed healing energy directly into my newly opened heart for nearly half an hour. Profound is the word that comes to mind. They offer us their world: a world of trust, honesty, and compassion, without judgment. They offer us new beginnings.”

Cerridwen Christensen

“It has been an incredible experience – to find a place in the middle of nowhere where magic happens on a daily basis. The fifth dimension is happening here and all the beings – spirits, people, horses, cats, dogs, plants are co-creating this new way of being with us… thanks for making me feel so welcome and loved. I feel very honored to have been a part of your ranch for this past week!”

Sara Sander

“It was such a healing experience for everyone, on whatever level one sought to find. And, such an opportunity to share in the cleansing process of the horse is highly spiritual. Again and again the horses take on the leading role of listening to our hearts. And the tenderness of the moments of joy that follow are intensified by the silent language of the horses. I really believe that if more people were able to connect with the horse, and all animals, that they would be able to slow down, cease thought and endure silence, and that the circle of life would solidify.”

Dianna McPhail

“In my 35+ years of nursing, I have had to reflect from time to time—why am I nursing? What is it about this profession that gives my soul reason to continue with the desire to expand my deeper understanding of this art and science? Who am I in this role? What is real? What is authentic?

The EFIH program helps one, especially as a nurse, to re-awaken with the heart-centered connection of caring and healing through focused presence, opening to that consciousness of who and how we are with ourselves and others. “Core authenticity” is a term I learned that speaks to valuing self and other. Finding ones’ “core” is a first step, rediscovering one’s authentic self is both a journey and an opportunity for deep joy. When we connect with our authentic selves in a compassionate and awakened way, our consciousness shifts allowing us to safely step into the delicate yet eternally courageous unknown aspects of who we truly are, finding the divine light within.

This is an experiential event that holds the container for revelation, self-care and self-healing. This is how we answer our questions. Becoming aware and authentic are the cornerstones for recognizing and embracing who we are as nurses, holistic nurses with deep caring, empathy and compassion not only for ourselves, but for our patients, our colleagues and all others. As we know, we are all connected. Horses have the emotional body to communicate, support and love us unconditionally… when we are in our authentic selves. This is the lesson they can teach us. This is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

I encourage any nurse to dare to experience this wonderful, transformational program. Gift yourself the experience that you shall never forget. Know that you will remember the insights and gifts that have been co-created throughout this transformational and self-healing experience. Buffalo Woman Ranch was born out of love and the desire to share the wonder of horses and healing. Go there, be there, learn there, love there and heal there.”

Sharon Murnane, RN, HN-BC, CHTP